Levi's x Fresco Steez

Fresco Steez is a community organizer, designer and cultural engineer. She’s designed creative concepts for movements like the Movement for Black Lives, Black Lives Matter, and The ‘Me Too’ Movement. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Fresco began organizing at the age of 14, leading her to dedicate her life to the fight for Black liberation. Fresco is a co-founder of BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100), a member-based organization of Black youth activists, where she served as the Minister of Culture and developed the phrase Unapologetically Black.

Fresco compounds design, political education and Black culture, to create tools that inspire people to take action. She is committed to a Black liberation experience that frees ALL Black people and follows in the Black radical traditions of our ancestors. For Levi’s 2021 Black History Month collection, Fresco brings the iconic Trucker Jacket to life with a collection of handcrafted chain stitched patches sold exclusively through ReLove.


All Proceeds will benefit Black [Space] Residency a hub for Black artists and creatives in the Bay Area.  

Black [Space] Residency (BSR) is birthed from our need to choose ourselves, from the need for belonging, and through a practice of caretaking and decision-making to create space, make space, and to take up space.  It is both proactive and reactive. It is an example of the “artist as first responder” who shows up first in crisis and in ceremony.  It is a container for creativity, for inquiry, imagination, action, for making rest and taking retreat. BSR is about being put/staying put. BSR is about making time and making home.  

Black [Space] Residency partners with experts, master teachers, organizations, brands, and institutions to sustain an ecosystem that welcomes Black Creatives who are: visual artists, writers, filmmakers, dancers/movement artists, poets, new media makers, curators, and thinkers committed to Black thought, Black art, Black culture, Black people, and unequivocal Blackness.